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 Rajendra Prasad (1884 - 1963)
Born in a landowning family of modest means in Zeradei. Prasad a graduate of the Calcutta Law College, practiced in High Court of Calcutta and then moved away to Patna High Court. Where journalistic instincts caught his eyes and he founded the Bihar Law Journal.
In 1917 he was recruited by Gandhi to help in a campaign to improve conditions for peasants exploited by British indigo planters in Bihar. He gave up his law practice in 1920 to join the Non-cooperation Movement, and became nationalistic journalist . He started a campaign to make Hindi into the National Language, and founded and edited the Hindi Weekly "Desh".

From 1946 to 1949 he presided over the Indian Constituent Assembly and helped to shape the constitution. He was unanimously elected president in 1950 and, after the first general election (1952), was chosen by an overwhelming majority of the new electoral college; in 1957 he was elected to a third term. He was a staunch supporter of Hindu Code.
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