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 Sir Pherozeshah Mehta (1845 - 1915)
Pherozeshah Mehta was born on August 4, 1845, into the family of a middle-class Parsi trader. After studying in the Elphinstone College and taking his Master's degree from Bombay University, he went to England to study law. He was admitted to the bar in 1868 and thereafter drafted the Bombay Municipal Act of 1972, and became the father of Bombay Municipal.

Sir Pherozeshah Mehta left his career as a lawyer and became a nationalist. He was elected the president of the Indian National Congress in 1890. He became a member of the Bombay Legislative Council in 1893. He founded the newspaper Bombay Chronicle in 1910. When Gandhi arrived in India, Pherozeshah Mehta presided over the public meeting to welcome him. He was appointed a fellow of the Bombay University in 1867 and remained a member of the senate and the syndicate for several decades. He was responsible for many academic and administrative reforms. In 1910 year he was made the vice-chancellor of the Bombay University. He died on November 5, 1915.
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