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The story of Indian art is also the story of the oldest and the most resilient culture on earth. It is seen as an amalgamation of indigenous and outside influences, yet having a unique character and distinctiveness of its own.

Indian art is also an art of social, political and religious influences. It changed and evolved with the evolution of a civilization which was full of remarkable innovations in all areas of artistic expression.

Indian art features spirals and curvaceous lines, vines and tendrils, round-figured goddesses, circular amulets, colored gemstones, arches and domes, haloed deities, crescent moons, and the globe of the sun. Indian sculptures and paintings depict the diversity, colour and spontaneity of this country and are representations of the all-encompassing nature of Indian culture.

Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. This form of art in India is vivid and lively, refined and sophisticated and bold and vigorous at the same time. From being essentially religious in purpose in the beginning, Indian paintings have evolved over the years to become... [read more]
India has the widest variety of crafts anywhere in the world. However diverse and intricate the range of craft forms produced by Indian craftsmen, the root of the creative process has always been the artisan tradition. It presents both the widest canvas of creative activity and the broadest spectrum of development... [read more]

The first sculptures in India date back to the Indus Valley civilization, where stone and bronze carvings have been discovered. This is one of the earliest instances of sculpture in the world. Later, as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism developed further, India produced some of the most intricate bronzes in the world, as well as unrivaled temple carvings. Some huge shrines, such as the one at Ellora were not actually constructed using blocks... [read more]

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